REVIEW: ‘Three Bears’ by A. Nybo

October 8, 2018 Reviewed by: Toni


This angsty story has vivid personalities and a wonderfully described backdrop of the Australian outdoors.

This angsty story has vivid personalities and a wonderfully described backdrop of the Australian outdoors. The high-heat factor is certainly a plus, with a couple of super-sexy scenes full of tension and groan-worthy action. I will be putting this story on my re-read list as it is so engaging that I finished the entire book in one sitting!

In fact it’s so good I was pleasantly surprised to find this is Ms. Nybo’s first book. I will be anxiously awaiting for more where this came from.

Three Bears by A. Nybo is highly recommended for anyone looking for a quick and steamy read involving three super-sexy men! You won’t be disappointed with this 5 heart read.

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Super fast paced and thrilling!

Henri was living a normal life until he found out he was being stalked and watched and recorded in his own home for over a year. After being abducted and tortured by a psycho and lived through the pain of the trial, Henri has so many emotional and physical scars that keep him from forming any type of relationship. After three years his nightmare returns when he finds a bullet taped to his car door. Frantic, he runs into a cafe and tries to call for help is assisted by Birch.

Birch was just minding his own business, trying to assist a man who was in the middle of an anxiety attack. Now he’s stuck in the middle of nightmare where a crazed killer is looking for him in a safe house. But he’s more worried about Henri than he is himself. Because he doesn’t think Henri can make it through this ordeal again alone.

This was so well written and well done. I couldn’t help but cheer on Birch the entire time when he tried his best to comfort Henri. I loved the inner turmoil he felt and how strong he made himself to be what Henri needed him to be. The character formation was just superbly done.

I got so into the story line. So many times with thrillers like this it’s easy to get lost, but this was written so well and I was so deep into the characters that I felt like I was there with them.

This was a great, fast paced, thrilling read with romance and humor. Totally recommend.

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Surely with the violently crazy stalker who had abducted and tortured Henri behind bars in a maximum security prison, Henri could now breathe free and rebuild his life once more. Having moved clear across the world in order to escape the memories and put as much distance between him and the man who nearly destroyed his life, Henri was ready to consider settling down and starting fresh. He craved the touch of another—something that he still couldn’t abide without paralyzing fear and nausea taking over. Perhaps he could have that one day—feel safe enough to love again. After all, he was safe now, even though he had to remind himself of that daily. But his walk in the park grinds to a halt when Henri finds the bullet taped to his car door handle. As his brain seizes on the only thing that could mean, Henri reenters the living hell he was sure he had escaped. The man who nearly destroyed him is somehow free and is back—this time to keep Henri forever.
Birch was minding his own business and enjoying a coffee when the panic stricken man burst in from the street. Going to his aid seemed natural and just like the horses he so often rehabilitated, Birch recognized trauma and it’s aftereffects. When he agrees to take Henri to the police station, little does Birch realize that not only is he stepping into a viper’s nest but also offering himself up to help save the viper’s victim—the beautiful stranger who lives on the edge of terror.
I must admit my first foray into the work of author A. Nybo was a delightful one. This story was everything one could ask for in an action thriller—a crazy stalker, a recovering victim, a chance encounter with a kind passerby and enough tension to cut with a knife. The Devil’s Breath moved with lightening speed. I was hooked from the first chapter and sucked into the hell that had become Henri’s life. With every move to each new safe house, the author kept me guessing as to when the villain, scratch that, the certifiably insane stalker would finally snatch Henri back. What I loved most about this novel was that we got a real sense of how incredibly evil Russell was not because we heard chapter and verse of all the horrible things Henri had endured but because we got just enough back story to be terrified that the guy would snatch Henri again. This was a classic example of a psychological thriller done right—give the audience just enough to make them nearly sick with fear but not so much as to deaden their reaction to every little bump in the night.
We lived the nightmare of Henri’s recognition that the man who had honestly systematically taken over every aspect of his life and got off on torturing him was free to do it all again if given the chance.
The saving grace? A quiet, gentle man who worked with abused horses and who lived a simple life. Birch was everything. Never naive but fully cognizant that danger was prevalent and real, he chose to focus on being in the moment for Henri—for being a source of healing and strength rather than allowing the nightmare he’d accidentally stepped into to overcome him. I think my only real complaint with this story was that I wish we’d had more time with Birch recognizing just how malevolent Russell was and the depths of the guy’s craziness. However, that is really a minor niggle when there was so much of this book that was done just right.
The Devil’s Breath is a gripping psychological thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. For fans of this genre this one will be a homerun.

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